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Hey beauty lovers, when the salon reopens, we are all going to be affected. Changed in some way Рsubtle or extreme. After the time spent quietly reflecting on our lives, selves and place in the world, our needs may be different. I want to do my best to respect that, honor you and meet you where you are. As such, I am introducing the SILENT SERVICE at the salon. This idea came from the Queen of Color, Sophia Hilton, director of Not Another Salon in London. 

Recognizing that sometimes we all need a break from the chatter and want to decompress while being pampered, the SILENT SERVICE option allows you to zone-out and take a break from the constant stimulation of today. Conversation will be limited to consultation and hair-related issues or concerns. Knowing that we all change from day to day, you can choose this service either when you book your appointment or the day of your appointment. This service is flexible and fluid. I will follow your lead, just let me know when you arrive for your appointment what your needs are that day. Your time at the salon is all about you and I want you to feel free to decide how you want to spend it. If you choose silence, I will honor that while you are in this space.