Services and How I Book Appointments

My schedule books up fast and I keep a rolling waitlist.

My online book is available for self-scheduling haircuts up to 30 days in the future. If nothing is showing available on the online book, that means my schedule is full at that moment.  If no times are open online to book,  you may email me to be added to my waitlist. Things change and people cancel, so my advice is to continue to check back with the online book, that’s your best bet.

I am prioritizing color clients with a preference for creative and dimensional color. This does not mean I am not accepting haircut clients.

All pricing is gender-neutral. All pricing is based on an hourly rate.

Your hair must look fab when you’re not fresh from my hands, which, let’s face it, is nearly every day! I’ll educate you on the best products and realistic techniques so that you can recreate hair goodness on your own. Yes, sometimes there is a learning curve when we are learning new things but Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day.  Start with a great cut. Add color that fits your lifestyle, personality, and vibe. Add my product recommendations and styling tips and I know you’ll be full of hair confidence in no time.

Book a haircut online or email me to schedule a color service at


Want your hair color to whisper, talk or scream? How committed to maintenance are you? What degree of lightness or richness would you like to achieve? These and so many more questions! With your answers, I can recommend what’s best for achieving your hair dreams as well as what works with your lifestyle. Achievable goals, y’all; I’m going to set you up for hair success.

New color clients

  • Email me at with the following info:
    • Your name, email, phone number.
    • Tell me what you are trying to achieve?
    • What’s your color dream?
  • Describe your current hair status.
    • When was your last color?
    • Where was it done, at a salon or DIY?
  • Tell me about your last cut.
    • How long is your hair?
    • How thick or dense is your hair?
  • And a little extra credit.
    • About what percentage of gray do you think you have?
    • What products are you currently using?

Hair Color Appointment Types:

Color Consultation: $35
20 minutes
We’ll discuss your hair color goals, what’s achievable while maintaining the integrity of your hair, and how it will be executed. We’ll also talk about maintenance and proper home care. Please bring any visual inspiration (or email it before your visit). 

All color appointments are priced at the hourly rate of $120

Dimensional color services generally incorporate a variety of techniques.
I use balayage, foilyage, babylights, root shading/smudging/tapping, hand painting, and more to achieve the results that your unique head of hair and desired look demands.


Your haircut includes a consultation, glorious shampoo experience with scalp massage, conditioner, and style.

Please arrive with clean (shampooed within the last 36 hours), fully dry, and detangled hair in its natural state (the way you normally wear it) with any products in your hair that you currently use. This allows me to fully assess the general shape of your existing cut and reveals your truest hair texture. Depending upon your texture and other variables, I may dry cut your hair before shampooing it.

Barber-short: $75
For true, super-short, cropped styles. For hair less than 2 inches in length.
30 minutes

Scissor-short: $95
Any length of hair 2 inches long to shoulder-length.
45 minutes

Below-shoulder: $100
Hair that hits below the shoulder-length to upper back.
55 minutes 

Fringe trims are BACK and BOOKABLE online: $20
Get those bangs bangin’, babe.
5 minutes

Bond Building Via Olaplex

I use my expertise and discretion and add Olaplex to any color service I feel would benefit from this bond-building powerhouse. Take home Olaplex no. 3 is available for purchase to continue to rehab your hair between visits.